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Abandoned Laboratory
RO2 AbandonedLaboratory.jpg
The excavated and modified laboratory.
Location Somewhere in Maple Forest
Race Norman
Level 35
Cooldown none
Technical Name(s) not applicable

The Abandoned Laboratory is a former hidden laboratory of Lighthalzen.[1] Members of the Freyjanity excavated it and uses the facility as research lab for their evil schemes.

NOTE: The Abandoned Laboratory is simply an extra laboratory that is related to the one in Lighthalzen, but not actually located in Lighthalzen.


Lord Knight Vilfrid Barclay of the Prontera led his men to attack the Freyjanity base in order to retrieve kidnapped children. The laboratory was filled with unknown experimental tools that were used on the children. The kidnapped children were safely returned home from Vilfrid's active rescue mission. Lord Knight Vilfrid Barclay went on to become the Leader of the Prontera Chivalry.[2]


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