Adaptation to Circumstances
RO AdaptationToCircumstances
Usable by
Job Class Bard, Clown, Dancer, Gypsy
Type Active
Category Debuff
Levels 1
Cast Time none
Cooldown 3 seconds
Other Information
Requirements none

Adaptation to Circumstances cancels active Performance Skills the caster is performing. In an Ensemble skill, only the player that started the ensemble can cast Adaptation to Circumstances. Cannot be used in the 5 first or 5 last seconds of the duration.

On iRO, this skill is known simply as Amp.


  • It is also common to hotkey both the Instrument/Whip along with a Dagger type weapon which performs the same function as Adaptation to Circumstances but ignores the 5 second song delay and without the associated cast delay following its usage.

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