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RO Ahat.png
Ahat's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Jerute
Race Norman
First Appearance Episode 13 (Ragnarok Online)

Ahat is next in line to become prime minister of El Dicastes after Ravail. He is highly respected in the El Dicastes ministry, but rarely seen.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

While in his office Ahat was visited by an adventurer, who was immediately accosted by his assistant, Cheshire. Ahat tells him to ease off and then proceeds to try to enchant the adventurer using a spell. The adventurer resists, but Ahat persists until he saw the adventurer fall under his spell (in reality, the adventurer pretended to be under his spell). He then commands the adventurer to go collect evidence around the Dimensional Gap near the Kamidal Mountain.

After the adventurer comes back from the task, Ahat reminds him/her to always follow Cheshire's orders and never leave evidence that would trace back to him in order to continue his ploy as a minister. He then praises the adventurer for a job well done. When the adventurer asks what it was that he/she collected, Ahat simply responds that he/she doesn't need to know and never will. He then rewards the adventurer a Bradium Brooch and dismisses him/her.

It is revealed that Ahat was found by Saphas near the Kamidal Mountain dimensional gap shortly after it opened. He seemed to have lost his memories and was taken to Minister Ravail, who concluded (wrongly) that Ahat was a special Sapha immune to the petrification disease that plagues Saphas. Some time later, he found Cheshire and took care of the man. Ahat manages to gain Ravail's trust and with that he was able to climb the ladder to the position of Jerute, or Sapha minister.[1]

It is later revealed that Ahat is the first servant of Surt. He later encounters the adventurer inside Mors Cave and sacrifices himself so that he may use his own soul and the Soul of Shinaim to become keys to Surt's innermost lair.[2]



  • Ahat is Serbo-Croatian for "agate," and is also a word in Banjarese that means "Sunday."