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Level none
The port town of Alberta.
Type City
Race Norman
Location Rune-Midgarts

Alberta is a port town that makes a short appearance in the manhwa. The Merchant Guild is also located here. However, you can't find many merchants here because most of the trades that are done here are between larger merchants...

A ship that sunk with a large amount of treasure was found recently, attracting much interest.[1]


Alberta is located on the south easternmost part of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. It is a substantial trade port that links the kingdom to faraway lands across the ocean.

Points of Interest

Travel Connections

As one of the major towns in the Kingdom of Rune-Midgarts, Alberta is made accessible due to the warping services of the Kafra Corporation. Warpers from Prontera, Izlude, Morroc and Payon can move players to Alberta for a fee. Alternately, players in Izlude can travel by boat to the Alberta Marina for 500 Zeny.


Chaos and Iris hunted down Face Masks for a 5000 Zeny bounty that was posted in Alberta. According to Chaos, it is the only town that pays adventurers for Face Mask fangs. This is also the place where Chaos and Iris meet Lidia for the very first time.


After the resurrection of Surt, Alberta remains largely unchanged aside from the fact that there is no longer a reward office. It now contains the headquarters of the Merchant Guild, where Novice players can job change to Merchants.

After the Age of Gods ends, the original Payon land that Alberta was built on no longer existed as the Day of Despair sank it beneath the sea. It eventually was re-established farther inland. In the years to come, the newer Alberta eventually expands into a sizable commercial port of trade.


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Ragnarok Online

  • Patch (2011 Aug. 17)
    • The port town of Alberta has been expanded to allow for more ships!
    • A route to Izlude is added.

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