Alcyone Nile Atnad

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Alcyone Nile Atnad
RO AlcyoneAtnad.png
Alcyone's dialogue image.
Gender Female
Job Class Commander
Race Norman
Family Ian Atnad (father)
unnamed mother
First Appearance Episode 15 (Ragnarok Online)

Alcyone Nile Atnad, or Nile for short, is the stubborn founder and commander of the Paradise Group. Her middle name was given to her by her mother.[1] Her bedroom on the second floor of the Paradise Group headquarters also doubles as her office. As such, she does not like having uninvited individuals going in there.[2]

On iRO, this character is localized as Artnard Arquien and Atnad Arquien.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

A long time ago, Alcyone's father Ian Atnad disappeared and didn't make contact with the family for some time. Alcyone sold off their house, which was to be her inheritance, and left. She remained angry with her father ever since.

When Rekenber Corporation commissioned the Paradise Group to recruit adventurers to aid in the excavation of a newly found passage in the Juperos Ruins, Lime suggests that they should team up with the Atnad Excavation Team to take part in the excavation themselves. Alcyone agreed, but only wishes to support the excavation team and not actually be part of it.

Alcyone was recommended an adventurer by the excavation team's point of contact Rahim Aures, and the adventurer is sent to meet with the commander. She becomes a little irritated when the adventurer inquires about her personal life and changes the subject to briefing the adventurer about the excavation. She then sends the adventurer to her secretary Lime Evenor next door, but not before requesting the adventurer to investigate something known as the Last Exploration for her while part of the team.[3] Despite her misgivings about the Atnad Excavation Team, Alcyone still went to Verus City in person, albeit in secret. The adventurer eventually runs into her and she implores the adventurer to not tell anyone that she was there. She tells the adventurer to meet with her back in her office in the Paradise Group if they wish to talk.

The adventurer meets with Alcyone and asks her about the record player. Alcyone is surprised that her father remembers such a thing was in their house. When the adventurer tells her that her father wants the record player, Alcyone immediately rejects the request. However, the adventurer refuses to leave without the record player, so Alcyone eventually relents. She can't fathom how her father was able to recall the record player in their house, but nothing else in it. The adventurer hands over the Memory Record that he/she found and Alcyone is surprised that he/she found it in Verus City. She then goes on to explain that the memory record is incomplete and needs four more pieces for it to work. She believes someone must have broken the memory record into pieces to prevent it from being played. After some thought, Alcyone decides to go back to Verus City with the record player and tells the adventurer to find the other pieces of the memory record if he/she wants to play it. She asks the adventurer to not tell her father about her being in Verus City, but decides to give up and allow the adventurer to do as he/she pleased.

Alcyone meets up with the adventurer in Verus City, who has managed to collect all five pieces of the memory record. She helps the adventurer put the memory record together and tasks the adventurer to play it him/herself. While listening to the record, the name Atnad comes up and Alcyone is curious as to why such an old recording would be related to her family. She tells the adventurer to find out more from her father.[4]

Alcyone encounters the adventure later and is presented with five pieces of the Experimental Memory Record. She pieces the record together and hands it over to the adventurer to play on the record player. Once the record finished playing, the adventurer tries to eject it from the record player, only to have the record disassemble back into pieces. Unexpectedly, a single Record Piece falls out of the record as it disassembled itself. Alcyone is curious to learn more about what happened in Verus City and offers to remain in the city to play any more records that the adventurer finds. She then sends the adventurer back to her father so he/she could tell him the news.[5]

When the adventurer later questions Alcyone about the Last Exploration, Alcyone admits that she has given up on that investigation as she would prefer to hear it from her father personally. She now understands why her father clung to the excavation of the Juperos Ruins so much. As a child, she recalls that the grandfathers in her family kept a lot of secrets. However, Alcyone herself is skeptical that she is a descendant of Verus City and believes that the Atnad mentioned in the record could be someone else that's unrelated to her family.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Alcyone, designated η Tauri (Eta Tauri, abbreviated Eta Tau, η Tau), is a multiple star system in the constellation of Taurus.[6]

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