RO Alice
Class Normal
Level 100
Size Medium
Type Demi-Human
Element Neutral
Natural Habitat Glastheim

Alice is a maid-type robot that has been taking charge of miscellaneous trifles in the Glastheim Castle. Cleaning is her daily priority in life, however she shows no mercy to intruders and attacks them driving a steel broom.[1]


Alice was made long ago before Prontera became Rune-Midgarts' capital. It is said that a sage made her and her program has been running ever since. Alice's technology seems way ahead of her time. It is only until recently that anyone is capable of matching her technology.

It is safe to say that Alice was built to match a normal Norman with her physical appearance and emotion. Although, she is too obssesed with cleaning the castles and mansions that she is assigned to. Despite her soft appearance and no battle drive built in to her, she is still capable of attacking those who might want to harm her. When defeated or beaten down, she will cry. This shows that she has some sort of emotion built in to her, like the recent Generation 3 robots built by the Kiel Hyre Foundation. She can also react like normal Norman. Most of the time she will ignore the passerby because she is too busy cleaning.

Alice loves animals. She even have a Wild Rose as her pet. The Wild Rose can be seen following her around whenever she is cleaning.[2]

Other Appearances

Alice makes an appearance as a character in Ragnarok the Animation.


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  • RO-minilogoRenewal Update (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Level raised from 62 to 100
    • 10,000 HP lowered to 9,230 HP