RO Aliza
Class Normal
Level 112
Size Medium
Type Demi-Human
Element Neutral
Natural Habitat Robot Factory

Aliza is a maid type robot that has been taking charge of miscellaneous trifles in Kiel Hyre Robot Factory.[1]

It is suggested that Aliza is a Generation 1 Kiel Hyre Robot. She was created to clean the robot factory and organize and manage factory items which no normal Norman would be able to. Like Alice, Aliza will mostly concentrate only to cleaning and finishing her task. Most likely she will not be aware of her surroundings, thus some intruders might get away just by passing her.

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  • RO-minilogoRenewal Update (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Level raised from 69 to 112
    • 19,000 HP lowered to 14,450 HP
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