RO Andre
Class Normal
Level 33 (RO)
52 (RO2)
Size Small
Type Insect (RO)
Animal (RO2)
Element Earth (RO)
Fire (RO2)
Natural Habitat Ant Hell, Sograt Desert, Venomous Abyss

Andre is a working ant that works hard for its queen, Maya. Tends to collect things dropped on the ground.[1] A diligent worker ant that lives for the sake of the colony. Look out, though. Hit one and you'll fight them all.[2]


This is a diagram of this monster's life cycle.

Ant Egg
RO AntEggs

RO Deniro
RO Andre
RO Piere

Ragnarok Online II

In RO2, this monster is a servant of Maya and only appears in a dungeon.


  • In Ragnarok Online, Andre originally had a very different card art that was replaced with the current card art. It is unsure if there was another version of Andre that the card was meant for or the concept for the monster changed in a way that justified the need for a different card art.

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  2. Prontera Monster Encyclopedia

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Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online II


  • RO-minilogoRenewal Update (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Level raised from 17 to 33
    • 688 HP increased to 724 HP
    • Removed from moc_fild11, moc_fild16, moc_fild20
    • Added to cmd_fild08 and cmd_fild09
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