Angelina Kidman

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Angelina Kidman
Angelina doing her thing.
Gender Female
Job Class Witch
Race Norman
First Appearance Volume 9 (Ragnarok)

Angelina Kidman is the announcer for the Geffen Tournament of Magic and the prime secretary (as said in the original release) of the Witch Guild. She has a lecherous co-host, Roderick Frontain, and is quick to punish him when his perverted ways gets the better of him.

Story[edit | edit source]

Angelina is the announcer for the Tournament of Magic in which Fenris participates in. Following the warlock's first victory in the Tournament, she repeatedly boasts to the audience throughout the tournament's duration of how amazing and powerful she is, much to Fenris's dismay, who only desires nothing more than to obtain transport to Schwarzwald.[1]

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