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Character Archbishop.jpg
Archbishop concept art for RO.
Job Tier 3rd Class
Job Base Priest, High Priest
RO Job Bonuses
+6 +5 +7 +10 +8 +4
RO2 Job Bonuses
none none none none none

Archbishops are capable of Healing and buffing an entire party using their skills and their Holy magic skills cover a wider area than a Priest or High Priest can. These Holy servants are the Priests who went on pilgrimages to Odin's Shrine seeking more power to maintain the peace on Rune-Midgarts.[1]

Alongside the Priest and the High Priest is the Third Job class Archbishop. A formidable profession, Archbishop is more aggressive than the existing Priest classes. Archbishop is a profession that uses holy attack magic as well as the existing recovery-oriented skills, and takes off the limit of the Priest classess which used only the attack magic of the existing magic system. Also uses extensive secondary magic and power-up recovery magic.[2]


The Holy War was over, but the High Priests were still sensing an ominous energy that loomed over the continent. They prayed that Odin's grace would grant them greater power to fight this evil.

The servants of Odin finally realized that merely "protecting peace" wasn't enough to save the world. Some of the High Priests embarked on a long, perilous pilgrimage to an ancient temple at the end of the continent to seek greater power through the essence of holiness.

A long time had passed since these priests left on their pilgrimage, and only one priest returned home from the temple. Before his death, he told the others that he and his comrades had found new enlightenment and then gave them the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail shone with brilliant light and still held a few drops of its miraculous water. The leaders of the church kept the Holy Grail in the most sacred place in the church as they tried to decipher its secrets.

The news of the discovery of the Holy Grail spread around the world and attracted flocks of people to the church. Many curious visitors wanted to appreciate the Holy Grail and see it with their own eyes. Others, however, planned to steal the Holy Grail for themselves. In response to such threats, the church formed a group of special priests called the Archbishop whose duty was to protect the Holy Grail.

These followers of Odin use their holy power to repel pagans and non-believers, believing that the Holy Grail would eradicate evil and restore the world's peace as soon as its secrets were revealed.[3]

Job Change Quest

See Archbishop Job Change

Notable Archbishops


As worshippers of Odin, only Normans can become Archbishops.


jRO redesign of Archbishop.

Archbishops can only equip gear designated as:

  • Archbishop Class Only
  • 3rd Class
  • All Classes


Archbishops can utilize the following weapons:


The Archbishop is capable of Healing and buffing an entire party by using skills like Heal and Increase AGI and their holy magic skills cover wider areas than Priests and High Priests, whose skills are limited for use on individual characters. Archbishops are well-rounded they can act as both healers and damage dealers in a party with their new Holy magic attack and complementary combat skills. The Archbishops' signature skills include High Heal and Renovatio, whose effectiveness is on a much higher level compared to existing healer skills.[4]

RO Eucharistica.png Eucharistica RO Adoramus.png Adoramus
RO Judex.png Judex RO Ancilla.png Ancilla
RO Clearance.png Clearance RO DupleLight.png Duple Light
RO Oratio.png Oratio RO Clementia.png Clementia
RO Epiclesis.png Epiclesis RO ColuceoHeal.png Coluceo Heal
RO CantoCandidus.png Canto Candidus RO Expiatio.png Expiatio
RO LaudaAgnus.png Lauda Agnus RO LaudaRamus.png Lauda Ramus
RO HighHeal.png High Heal RO Praefatio.png Praefatio
RO Renovatio.png Renovatio RO Sacrament.png Sacrament
RO Silentium.png Silentium RO Offertorium.png Offertorium
RO FullThrottle.png Full Throttle RO Convenio.png Convenio
RO Vituperatum.png Vituperatum

Advanced Jobs

Archbishops are the highest tier on this job branch and cannot advance any farther.

1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class Transcendant
Acolyte Priest Archbishop High Priest


  • An archbishop is a bishop of higher rank, but not of higher sacramental order above that of the three orders of deacon, priest, and bishop.[5] Ironic, considering Archibishop outranks the Priest in Ragnarok Online.



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