Ragnarok Wiki
Gender Female
Job Class Witch
Race Norman
First Appearance Volume 1 (Ragnarok)
You're as eloquent as ever, Arkana.
~ Zenobia addressing Arkana

Arkana is a Witch who serves the valkyrie Zenobia.


Not much is known about her other than she is a vital source of information for Zenobia. It's inferred that she has spies all over Midgard.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

A long time ago, Zenobia and Arkana broke Baldr's seal on his temple Breidablik and dispatched Gargoyles and various monsters to barricade it against anyone and everyone. One day, Arkana informs Zenobia that the wolf god known as Fenrir has been reincarnated into a Warlock and was actively seeking out the reincarnation of Baldr. The reincarnation, known as Fenris Fenrir, managed to destroy all the monsters placed within the temple and acquire Guarding Wind on top of that. Zenobia tells Arkana to continue monitoring the situation.[1]

After the battle of Prontera, Arkana shares the news of Himmelmez's death with Zenobia, who is stunned to know that someone was strong enough to take down her fellow Valkyrie. The witch goes on to tell her that the Heart of Ymir buried in Prontera has been taken by Sarah Irine, which also surprises Zenobia as she was not aware of any reason for Sarah to be there. Arkana finally informs Zenobia that Chaos and the others are on their way to Juno, inferring that is where Zenobia is located. Troubled by this, Zenobia tells Arkana to slow the group down, but not to kill them just yet.

She was last seen attacking Chaos and others on their airship with her Wyverns and Gremlins.[2][3]