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RO Arunafeltz.png
The Arunafeltz emblem featuring Freyja in the center.
Type Country
Race Norman
Government Papacy
Rulers The Pope
Faiths Freyjanity
Location West of Republic of Schwarzwald
Northwest of Rune-Midgarts

Arunafeltz is an adjoining country to the Republic of Schwarzwald. Its capital is the city of Rael.

All that is known is that the Arunafeltz people have lived in seclusion from the world, worshipping their patron goddess, Freyja. As such the Grand Temple of Freyja, Sessrumnir, is located in its capital.


As the Arunafeltz States are very religious, it is run by a single pope.

The natives to the region were taken over by the Alchemists who immigrated from Rune-Midgarts. They subsequently became second-class citizens, ruled over by the immigrants who came after them. Once the area became the Arunafeltz States, unspoken rules concerning the treatment of natives were established. As natives were considered second-class citizens, first-class immigrants were forbidden from developing relationships with them. Yet despite these social rules, some natives and immigrants still fell in love, albeit in secret.


About a thousand years ago, Norman Alchemists from Rune-Midgarts went on a long religous pilgrimage to the region that is now known as the Arunafeltz States. The holy words of the goddess Freyja brought great change to the lives of the indigenous people living in Rael: they swore to honor and adore her, erecting an immense temple as her house of worship in their small, simple oasis village. The faith and fervor of Freyja's followers in Rael proved to be infectious, and the entire nation of Arunafeltz eventually converted to this new faith. Religion became central and foremost in the hearts and minds of the people, naturally merging with Arunafeltz culture and government, and Rael developed into a major, influential city.

The Arunafeltz States eventually meet destruction, wiping out Freyjanity altogether.

About 300 years later, surviving descendants of Arunafeltz rose to power and called themselves the Freyjanity.[1]