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Asgard Rangers
Just what we don't need.
Type Group
Affiliation Midgard
Base of Operations Just about anywhere
Notable Members Skadi, Var, Ran
First Appearance Volume 7 (Ragnarok)
Episode 15 (Ragnarok Online)
We are the rangers of Asgard! Guardians of justice!!
~ Asgard Rangers

The Asgard Rangers is wild band of strangely dressed women who consider themselves to be the champions of truth and justice.

They seem to simply attack targets at random, then declare their victims to be 'unrighteous,' justifying their own extreme actions. Their wild poses and wacky antics serve to hide their considerable fighting skills. They seem to be a parody of sentai groups like Sailor Moon and Power Rangers.


The rangers were first seen observing the battle in Prontera, with Skadi noting something peculiar about Loki.[1] They later follow the group onto the international airship where they wreak havoc instead of defending the ship from Arkana's horde of monsters.[2]