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Type Public company
Industry Software
Founded 2001
Headquarters Thailand
Products MMORPG and Mobile video games
Subsidiaries PlayPark Co., Ltd.
Level Up! Games
Website AsiaSoft English

AsiaSoft Corporation Public Company Limited ("Asiasoft") is a Leading Regional Online Entertainment Service Provider in Southeast Asia with a dominating market share in the region covering Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. The company was established in Thailand in 2001 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 2008. The Company's affiliates are involved in international investment for online games publishing and development, as well as game portal services ( and other IT related business.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In 2003, AsiaSoft launched their service of Ragnarok Online for the Thailand region.[2]

In 2012, AsiaSoft launched their service of Ragnarok Online II for the Singapore region, expanding service to the Thailand region afterwards in 2013.[3] They eventually expanded their services to include Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

In 2014, AsiaSoft acquired Level Up! Games Inc. and launched Ragnarok Mobile from NEOCYON in Thailand.

After 2 years of service, AsiaSoft ceased Ragnarok Online II services for the Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Philippines regions and merged RO2 accounts that have opted in to move to the North America server (iRO2). RO2 services continued for the Thailand region for the next several months until the thRO2 server eventually shut down in 2015 July.[4]

On 2016 April 1, it was announced that GRAVITY has ended their contract with AsiaSoft and so they will cease service of their Ragnarok Online servers on 2016 June 30.[5] Thus ending 13 years of service for thRO and the end of AsiaSoft's exclusivity of Ragnarok products in their contracted regions.

PlayPark[edit | edit source]

The PlayPark logo.

PlayPark is a subsidiary company of AsiaSoft that is responsible for publishing online games. Among them were the Thailand server of Ragnarok Online (thRO) and the southeast Asia server for Ragnarok Online II (seaRO2) which serviced the Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Philippines regions. The seaRO2 server was the second RO2 server to launch following the Korean server (kRO2) in 2012.

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