Auto Counter

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Auto Counter
Usable by
Job Class Knight, Lord Knight
Type Active
Category Melee
Levels 5
Cast Time none
Cooldown ASPD based
Other Information
Requirements Two-Handed Sword Mastery Lv. 1

If an opponent physically attacks a player casting Auto Counter while facing it, the attack will be blocked and the caster will perform one critical attack on them, ending the Auto Counter stance. Alternatively, a user can begin casting Auto Counter and then click on a monster within range during the skill. Their attack will have twice the chance to be a critical attack and will gain 20 accuracy.

The attack that takes place will still have an ASPD-based delay. Therefore, higher ASPD is required to use Auto Counter effectively against fast-attacking opponents. Skills cannot be Countered.

On iRO, this skill is localized as Counter Attack.

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