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RO Avant.png
Avant's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Scientist
Race Laphine
Family Hisie (son)
Kardui (son)
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
Would you like to become my experiment?
~ Avant

Avant is a magic scholar and the father of Hisie and Kardui. A Donas Laphine, he has a cold and callous personality, always focused on his research.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Years ago, Avant's experiments were caught by the Elder Assembly and he was forced to go into hiding to continue his work. He has since changed the color of his hair so that no one would recognize him. He eventually moved into a Yai located on the eastern side of Eclage and has been getting help from the chief of staff Shinaim to continue his experiments.

Avant's laboratory in Eclage.

One day, he was approached by a Norman adventurer who claims to be there to deliver Dustballs and Leaf Bookmarks in Shinaim's place. Avant quickly loses interest in the materials and wanted to know if the adventurer would like to become part of his experiments. When the adventurer refused, Avant coldly tells him/her to leave.

After going out, Avant returns to his Yai to run into the adventurer from earlier along with his eldest son Hisie. He summons some monsters to take them down and when they're defeated, Avant willingly allows himself to be arrested by Hisie. Hisie demands to know why he's surrendering so easily and Avant remarks that it's the least he could do after seeing his son after so long. He is then taken to the Eclage prison where he is interrogated by Hisie, but he refuses to reveal why he's researching the Orb.[1]

Some time later, Avant encounters the adventurer in his cell after the Midgardian is thrown in. He refers to the adventurer as a friend of his son and wonders why the adventurer was there. The adventurer explains that Shinaim was after the Orb, which surprises Avant. He initially was researching the Orb on his own until Shinaim urged him to progress his research. He only wanted to look into the natural existence of the Orb, but Shinaim convinced him to find out more about the Orb's source of power. He starts to feel guilty upon finding out he was used and that feels worse knowing that he has assuredly doomed his own people. The adventurer is surprised that Avant has a conscience and the Laphine doesn't blame him/her for thinking that way because of his sons.

Just then, Minuel enters to take the adventurer out of the prison to the clinic, since the adventurer was wounded from what happened in the light room.[2]

Sometime later, Avant was taken out of prison and accompanies his son Hisie to the Flame Basin to retrieve Mana Crystals stolen from the orb of Eclage. He encounters the adventurer from earlier and request him/her to hunt down Surt's incarnations to get the crystals back. He affirms that he's doing this in order to get back at Shinaim and Surt for using him. Although the adventurer was hesitant to retrieve them for him, Avant tells him/her that if he/she doesn't want to retrieve the crystals for him, then retrieve it for the sake of Kardui.[3]