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Away From Keyboard, or AFK, is the general term for someone who is away from their computer (hence away from their keyboard so they can't respond). It can also refer to someone who is at their computer but not focused on the game. The typical sign of someone being AFK is an idle character that hasn't responded to any activity around it, whether it be a monster attack or Chat Box messages.

Proper MMORPG etiquette requires that a player refrains from being AFK during important situations such as dungeon runs and questing. Doing so causes the player to be regarded as rude and inconsiderate since it's seen as the player not caring about actually playing while logged in.

Away Message[]

The prompt in RO.

In Ragnarok Online, an away message system is in place for people wanting to let others know that they will not be able to respond to anyone in the game for an extended period of time. Players can make use of this system by typing into the Chat Box:


Doing so will bring up the Away Message prompt in which players can enter an away message. If someone were to send a private message to the character, the system will respond with the set away message. Typing the command into the Chat Box again will disable the away message.

Ragnarok Online II currently does not have any sort of away message system.


  • Patch (2005 Jul. 05)
    • By setting an away message, it is now possible to respond automatically to the message of another player. [/Auto answer, /automsg, /am] to turn on/off the away setting. You can set an away message when the away setting is ON. (50 characters available)