Bakonawa Lake

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Bakonawa Lake
RO BakonawaLake.jpg
A shore of the lake.
Location Malaya
Race none
Level 140
Cooldown 7 days
Technical Name(s) 1@ma_b

Bakonawa Lake is where Bakonawa is said to reside. Local legends tell of a means to prevent the aquatic dragon from swallowing the moon by banging pots very loudly to deter him away.[1]

Completion of the Get Rid of Bakonawa quest is required to access this instance.

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  • none


Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Time Limit: none

Now that you've finished setting all the traps, you have authorization to enter Bakonawa's Lair. A strong party is recommended. To proceed further, speak with Taho inside the lake map to book an instance dungeon.

  • Once you enter the instance, do not leave as the NPC will not let you back in.

Once inside the instance, speak to Taho once your party is buffed and ready to go. Tell him you are ready and he will summon Bakonawa.

  • Magic reduction and/or Magnetic Earth is key, with a continuous stream of Damage Per Second (DPS) attacks.
  • Recommended gears are Asprika, Alice-carded Valkyrie Shield, Unfrozen/Fire Armor, and Kafra Blossom accessories.
  • Bakonawa is unreachable by melee auto-attacks and some skills.
Phase 1

Bakonawa appears inside the lake. In this phase, Meteor Storms shower down, but other than that very few skills are used and it should be easy to defeat him. There is a 10-minute time limit for this phase.

Phase 2

When he is defeated, he will move further into the lake and try to swallow the moon. You must make noise by defeating the 4 instruments that appear. These are Plant type, meaning they take only one damage per hit, and seem to have around 200 HP (forgot to Sense). While you are attacking these, Meteor Storms will continue raining down on your party. There is a 5-minute time limit for this Phase.

  • Blood Sucker or 193 ASPD the gong, pot, and pan. Wear a Fire-elemental armor during this phase.
Phase 3

Enraged Bakonawa appears near the lake again and you must defeat him. As before, Meteor Storms rain down, but he now uses other skills such as Storm Gust, Lord of Vermilion and Weapon Break. As he grows weaker, waves of minions will be summoned every two minutes, about 15 each wave. These are stronger than the normal monsters around Malaya.

  • Phase 3 adds Shield Reflect and CRIT attacks for 20-40k damage from Phase 1.
Loot Phase

When he dies, a Treasure Box is spawned to the south of the lake that contains the loot. Meteors often continue to rain down until it is broken, so bring a Token of Siegfried just in case.

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