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For the instance dungeon, see Bangungot Hospital (instance).
Bangungot Hospital
Level 107 - 111
RO BangungotHospital.png
Race Norman
Affiliation Malaya
Location Within Malaya
Technical Name(s) ma_dun01

The Bangungot Hospital once housed the sick of the Malayans. It has since been closed down for reasons unknown.

On iRO, this area is localized as Bangongo Hospital.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In years past, the people of Malaya were forced to seek medical care in other towns. When it was announced that the Bangungot Hospital was planned for construction, Malayans were overjoyed to know they would finally be able to receive medical care in the vicinity of their own town. The site chosen for the location of the hospital was home to an old tree. The old tree was chopped down and the land was cleared in order for construction to be underway.

When the Bangungot Hospital finally opened, people celebrated and were eager to make use of the facilities right away. Unfortunately, the positivity was short-lived as patients admitted to the hospital kept dying under the care of the doctors and nurses within. The deaths continued until an accident finally led to the hospital closing down entirely. All doctors and nurses moved to the Malaya inn and have been operating out of there since.

Years later, the Malayans requested for a nurse to come and reopen the hospital. However, this nurse was a special kind of nurse as her job is to cure unnatural phenomenon around hospitals.[1] It seems that the old tree that was cleared away for the hospital's construction was home to a wood fairy. When the tree was chopped down, the wood fairy became vengeful and mutated into the monstrosity known as Bangungot. After the hospital opened, Bangungot went around killing the patients and turning them into monsters.