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Bijou on the cover of Volume 6.
Gender Female
Job Class Witch
Race Norman
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Friends Himmelmez
First Appearance Volume 5 (Ragnarok)
Episode16 (Ragnarok Online)
Episode 2 (Ragnarok Online II)
You may call me Bijou... for the few seconds you have left!
~ Bijou

Bijou is a powerful Witch with a deformed hand. She is a servant to the Valkyrie Himmelmez. She has a pet troll name Geirrod.


Bijou commonly uses spells based on ice jotunn against her opponents, although she can used her monstrous arm to slash at her enemies. She is naturally equipped with the Claw of the Mantis, which gives her STR + 4 and CHR - 3.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Bijou began sacrificing her body at a young age in order to increase her powers in the occult. It appears that she and Himmelmez have been friends for a long time. She may have begun altering her body to better help her friend.

While Prontera was distracted by Himmelmez's horde of zombies, Bijou dug underneath the city's castle to retrieve the Heart of Ymir hidden within. Upon reaching the cavern, she is opposed by Iris, Fenris, and Spiegel. She easily takes out Spiegel by summoning her troll Geirrod. Iris tries to strike with her rune talismans, but Bijou quickly destroys them with ease. She manages to block Fenris's elemental forces as well. Once she saw that the two of them were not a threat, she proceeds to remove the seals that bound the Heart of Ymir to Prontera while her troll Geirrod took care of Iris and Fenris.[1]

Bijou is surprised and upset that Iris and Fenris manage to figure out how to destroy Geirrod by targeting his nucleus. The witch strikes Iris first, angry that she had spent 3 years to create Geirrod only to have him destroyed after all that hard work. Fenris tries to save Iris, but Bijou manages to keep her at bay using ice jotunn spells.[2]

Before Bijou could finish off Iris, Sarah appears and chastises the witch for taking so long to retrieve the Heart of Ymir. Bijou mistakenly curses out the valkyrie in her mind, which Sarah heard easily thanks to her valkyrie powers. In response, Sarah kills Bijou and takes the Heart of Ymir.[3]



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