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Biological Research Center
Location Juno
Race ??
Level 170
Cooldown ?? hours
Technical Name(s) ??

Biological Research Center is a dungeon instance that tells the story of how the biolab adventurers met their fate.




  • ??


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Time Limit: ??

  • You can not reenter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance done (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn). It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance. If you get disconnected at anytime after entering the dungeon, you will be unable to re-enter the instance until the cool down has expired.

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  • Patch (2019 Jan. 23)
    • EDDA Bio dungeon enchant guiding text is corrected.
  • Patch (2018 Dec. 19)
    • EDDA: Bio Dungeon - Fixed a bug in the part of the expedition that was not working properly.
  • Patch (2018 Dec. 12)
    • EDDA: Biological Research Center Dungeon - The journey of the expedition is updated. Entry through Sierra (yuno 216 345) is possible.