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Bios Island
A floating island in the middle of nowhere.
Location Flame Basin
Race Varies
Level 160
Cooldown 24 hours
Technical Name(s) 1@dth1, 1@dth2, 1@dth3

Bios Island is a dungeon instance that is only accessible inside of Mors Cave. Completion of the Dimensional Travel quest is required to access this instance.

On iRO, this instance is localized as Isle of Bios.






Time Limit: none

Go to the bridge and there will be a conversation between Zeith, Vrid and Reaper Yankou. You need to kill all monsters in the zone to be able to move to the second zone. Do the same in the second zone to move to final zone.

On the final zone, head to the center of the room where you will see Zeith and Vrid will be Frozen by Yanku (you will be Frozen also, Evil Druid card or unfrozen armor works here). There will be a wave of Orc Zombies, followed by Verit, and then Megalodon that you need to kill.

Once all undead waves are cleared, Yanku with 50m HP will appear for you to kill. He will drop Prize of Hero at 100% chance upon death.

Talk to Vrid again to receive Token of Hero and he will move you out from the instance.

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