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Book of Ymir
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The copy inside the library.
Location Schweicherbil Magic Academy
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The Book of Ymir is a famous text that speaks of the power of Ymir and what awaits those who pass on into the next life. According to an academy student, the original tome was damaged over the years and so visitors can only view a copy of the book in the Schweicherbil Magic Academy's library. The academy currently accepts donations to fund the preservation of the original book.

In-Game Text[]

... Therefore, ancient heroes were always in anguish, knowing that eventually, they were mortal and would pass from this realm...

There were no documents, songs, or remaining folklore that had any information on life after death. However, I recently uncovered an old scroll about Valkyries...

Valkyrie... The legendary guardian angel. Angel of Ragnarok.

Adventurers of great strength and bravery will be led by Valkyrie to Valhalla, the Hall of Honor. There, they will be given a new life. Reborn, they will live again as even greater heroes that will brighten the world. Bodies that were exhausted will be filled with energy... And their souls will be given abilities with the Heart of Ymir. However, the Heart of Ymir was totally destroyed and scattered all over the world after the battle for Rune-Midgarts.

I have found a small amount of Ymir Heart pieces over a long period of time. But I can't confirm if the story of Valkyrie and Valhalla is true just through scientific tests. So, I am leaving this record in hopes that someone in the future can confirm that Valkyrie and Valhalla actually exist...

Let the heroes live new lives so they can protect the world from danger. And then...

... The entrance to the Hall of Honor is open to anyone who has moved forward into their next life. It is there to help heroes decide what they want to do and can lead them to anywhere in this world. In the Hall of Honor, everything is prepared for the heroes. It is rumored that any wish that cannot be fulfilled in our reality can be realized in the Hall of Honor.

There is a forgotten path which leads to the Hall of Honor, the closest place to the heavens. The ordinary will never discover this place...