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Sessy finds a victim to steal from.

Cats are a sentient race that resides in the world of Midgard. Distinct racial traits of Cats are good agility and movement speed.


Cats have been a part of Midgard for a long time and usually befriend Normans over other races. It is revealed that the two-legged variety comes from a country across the seas, a continent known as Pasta. According to one Cat, the race worships what is called the Leopard God.[1]

A notable group of cats known as the Cat Hand Group has been able to make their way to the Ash Vacuum in order to provide their services to Norman adventurers traveling through there. They later settled on what they now call Malangdo.


Cats come in many shapes, sizes, and coloration. They can also have varying numbers of tails. Thus far, Cats have been found to have 1, 2, or 3 tails.


Cats that have adapted to walking on two legs and manipulating their forelegs into workable arms are known as Doram (Korean: 도람). Unlike regular Cats, Doram Cats have developed the initiative to build complex societies akin to that of Normans and Elves.


Cats have their own language, although they have learned to speak Common in order to communicate with Normans.

Cat Primer

  • Doram - cats that walk on two legs

Cat Names

  • Geck - In charge of recruiting norman adventurers to the Ash Vacuum.
  • Tat - Tasked with helping norman recruits reach the Ash Vacuum.
  • Shelby
  • Ford
  • Gyaruk
  • Gorurug
  • Jahbong - Cat Hand merchant based in the camp outside El Dicastes.
  • Mancho
  • Jalapeno
  • Brare
  • Dolangmal
  • Odgnalam
  • Rican
  • Mali
  • Devore
  • Heidam
  • Aver De Dosh
  • Lace La Zard
  • Cleanyang
  • Nyas - Head chef of the Nabeeho.
  • Rato
  • Gabonge
  • Jones

Job Classes

Cats can change into the following job classes:

Notable Cats



  • Patch (2015 Oct. 28)
    • The new species [Doram] is updated.
      • The shamans will begin with a Summoner job.