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Ammunition, or ammo, are sub-weapons that are needed to use long-range weapons such as bows and Guns. Ammunition, unlike most weapons, cannot be carded and must be equipped in order to be used. To equip an ammunition item, drag the item stack to a hotkey bar and then press the hotkey containing the item. To unequip ammunition, open the character window and double-click on the ammunition item. Ammunition can also be unequipped by unequipping the corresponding weapon.

There are 4 categories of ammunition:

Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2015 Apr. 22)
    • When equipped with an arrow, it is changed so that the same kind of arrow cannot be received through RODEX.
  • Patch (2015 Mar. 11)
    • Arrows and bullets that were attached when the bow, gun, and musical instrument are unequipped now unequip together.
      • It will not unequip if you switch weapons of the same type.