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This is a listing of weblog entries written by members of the Ragnarök Wiki community. These can include personal journals/diaries, product reviews, and even game-related guides and tips.

To start up a blog on the Ragnarök Wiki:

  1. Create a Gamepedia account!
  2. Once you've created a Wiki account, start up a new page with the prefix "User blog:(username)/", replacing the (username) part with your account name. Put the title of the blog after the / part of the prefix. This would allow the new page to be set as a subpage to your User Blog.
  3. Be sure to end your blog post with:
    [[Category:Blog posts]]
    This will categorize your blog as a blog post as well as allow comments to be made on the blog.

Please note that spam will NOT be tolerated. Any spam blog entries will be deleted without warning!


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