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Cards are items that are dropped by specific Monsters in the games Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok Online II. These cards have special effects and prove vital in battle.

For reference, players are Demi-Human type.

NOTE: Some cards will reappear in multiple albums. This is working as intended.

In Ragnarok Online, cards can be compounded into Weapons and Gear that have slots. The effect of the card varies. It can add stats, increase maximum health points or spell points. Each monster has its own card and the drop rate varies, although most linger around the 0.001% range.

In Ragnarok Online II, cards can be compounded into a player character's slots. Originally, the card system had special effects similar to RO's system, but it has since been changed to only affect character stats.

Cards can be synthesized to produce better cards. Originally, there were 3 tiers of cards: bronze, silver, and gold. Combining multiple bronze cards produced a silver card and combining multiple silver cards produced a gold card. The drop rate for cards is significantly higher than that of RO to allow for card synthesis. The system has since been changed to use a different set of tiers of cards: Green (common), Blue (uncommon), and Yellow (rare). Combining cards under the new system instead produces + versions of cards rather than the next tier of cards.

Though Lee Myung-jin is the principal artist for the look and feel of the online games (as they are based on his manhwa), even he needs a little help. This is a list of the illustrators responsible for RO's card art.


★ Beretta (MONSTER GOGO)
The original manga RO "Ragnarok" drew Imyonjin (/ 이명진 Lee Jin life) is the studio's "studio DTDS" is better to belong to.
Diforume character illustration, wallpaper, and cards for DOP vivo.
[Whiteout TRACE] (Korean blog)

★ Yunyan, U-nyang
Sting, Penomena is how I draw a card, such as Gemini S58.
[Dark Black] (Korean blog)

★ Leona
Chuni is how I draw a card, such as bio-MVP.
[I hate to make the best name.] (Korean blog)

★ Bibibic
The more I draw a card, such as Xenia MVP.

[+ Bibibic +] (Korean blog)

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