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Mounts allow players to traverse an area more quickly than they could on foot. Mounts can be acquired either in-game via quests or NPC vendors or bought from the Kafra Shop with real-life money.

Ragnarok Online Mounts

RO KnightPeco.gif

Adventurers in RO can gain access to certain mounts depending on their job class. In RO, there are two categories of mounts:

  • Speed mounts are mounts whose primary function is to get their rider from point A to point B as fast as possible. As these mounts are not trained for combat, adventurers cannot attack from them while riding and must dismount to fight. To gain access to these mounts, players must purchase a Halter Lead Box from the Kafra Shop.
  • Combat mounts are only accessible to certain job classes and cannot be bought. These special mounts are trained for combat so adventurers are able to attack from them.

Ragnarok Online II Mounts

RO2 PecoMt.png

Adventurers in RO2 can gain access to any mount regardless of their job class. All mounts in RO2 are speed mounts. Minimum base level to ride is 15.

Exclusive to RO2 is the ability to feed your mount, which will increase the movement speed boost it gives you.[1]



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