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This is a listing of quests that were or are currently available on Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok Online II. Many of these quests pertain to Ragnarok lore and timeline, but turn-in/fetch quests are included as well.

Quests designed for RO are developed by an entirely different development team from RO2. Unlike quests in other MMORPGs, quests in Ragnarok Online are more interactive with players in that they allow players to have multiple response options to choose from (other than the typical Accept/Decline options most other MMOs have). A few actually have multiple endings, giving the quests more replay value. In this way, RO quests are a little more intuitive in a role-playing aspect.

In addition, RO quests actually feel like you're going on a quest with some quests taking more than 10 steps to complete. The only downside is that most quest rewards don't match up with the amount of effort and work it takes to complete them.

The Expansions category is available for quests that take place in culture towns.

Quest Log

When RO first launched in 2002, the game had quests but absolutely no way to track them. An attempt at a quest log was implemented years later, which consisted of two parts: the quest log window and the quest information window. The quest information window was designed much differently from the quest log and looked out of place from the overall design of the game's UI.

With significant tweaks, the quest log was revamped and implemented into the game alongside the new Criatura Academy update. Although significantly much more intuitive than the previous version of the quest log, many of the older quests in RO have yet to be updated to use the new quest log.

Exclusive to RO2 is the ability to abandon a quest and remove it entirely from the quest log.

Tracking Quests

Ragnarok Online
In addition to the new quest log, RO players now have the ability to actively track their quests via a transparent quest tracker on the right part of their screen. The quest tracker can only track up to 5 quests at a time. The first 5 quests on the Active tab will be tracked while every other Active quest and quests sent to the Inactive tab will not appear on the quest tracker.

To send an Active quest to the Inactive tab, simply right-click the quest. To send an Inactive quest back to the Active tab, right-click the quest again. To remove an old quest from the quest tracker, right-click the quest on the tracker and pick "Delete."

Currently on the iRO servers, the quest tracker does not work on the Dewata maps.

Ragnarok Online II
The quest tracker in RO2 can only track up to 7 quests at a time. Checking the brown box next to a quest in the quest log will put it on the quest tracker. Unchecked quests will not appear on the quest tracker.



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