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This is a list of food recipes written by members of the Ragnarök Wiki community that recreate foods and drinks from the Ragnarök franchise. Multiple recipes for the same Ragnarök food or drink is allowed since recipes vary depending on the chef or perhaps it's catered to people with certain allergies or other dietary restrictions.

To add your own recipe for any food or drink item in the Ragnarök franchise:

  1. Create a Gamepedia account!
  2. Once you've created a Wiki account, start up a new page with the prefix "User blog:(username)/", replacing the (username) part with your account name. Put the title of the blog after the / part of the prefix. This would allow the new page to be set as a subpage to your User Blog.
  3. Be sure to end your blog post with:
    [[Category:Ragnarok Recipes]]
    This will categorize your blog as a Ragnarok Recipe as well as allow comments to be made on the blog.

Submitting Your Recipe[edit | edit source]

  • When uploading images for your recipes, please make sure you watermark the image with your name to prevent theft. In addition, format the filenames of the images as username_recipename1, username_recipename2, etc. so no one can claim them as their own.
    • Step-by-step images should be posted as either thumbnails or resized to 250px wide.
  • Please utilize the Recipe Template to maintain Ragnarök Wiki formatting standards. (DO NOT OVERWRITE THE TEMPLATE! Simply copy and paste the template source code into your blog post.)
  • All recipes are to be rated from 1-5 with Level 1 being easy and Level 5 being more advanced.

Please note that spam will NOT be tolerated. Any spam entries will be deleted without warning!

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