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The world of Lee Myung-jin's Ragnarök story encompasses the Ragnarok manhwa, Ragnarok Online, and Ragnarok Online II.

The Age of Gods is defined as the thousand-year time period that occurred before and after the Thousand-Year War. The years before the Thousand-Year War are denoted as Midgard Century (M.C.). The years following the Thousand-Year War are denoted as After War (A.W.). Events in Ragnarok and Ragnarok Online occur during the tumultuous A.W. era.

The Age of Man is the time period following the Day of Despair, in which Ragnarök (the event) came to fruition and the world of Midgard was reborn. This time period is denoted as Neu Era (N.E.) to mark a new beginning for the world. Events in Ragnarok Online II unfold approximately 300 years after the start of this era.[1]

WARNING: Timeline will contain spoilers! Read at your own risk! (NOTE: This is a work in progress and as such it is not yet definitive.)

Timeline of Ragnarök
???? – Odin's creation of Midgard from Ymir's body and heart
1204 M.C. – Thousand-Year War (death of Baldr; Surt's legion attacks Midgard)
A.W. ??? – Jormungandr places his curse upon Tristan Gaebolg I
A.W. ??? – – Founding of Rune-Midgarts by the 7 warriors
A.W. ??? – – Surt tries to destroy Midgard again; is imprisoned by Thanatos
A.W. 440 – Prince Revolt
A.W. 509 – – King Ouzel Richard dies
A.W. 511 – Schmitz Von Walter becomes **th king of Rune-Midgarts
A.W. 529 – – King Schmitz is overthrown by Grenholm Von Gaebolg
A.W. 560 - – The new chairman of the Zenit Zerter Lighthal Research group, Mr. Rekenber, renamed the organization to Rekenber Corporation.
A.W. 700 - – Doctor Varmundt joined Rekenber's Regenschirm Laboratory. It was his work in science that enabled the Rekenber Corp. to grow into the nation's biggest company.
A.W. 781 – – Schwarzwald mercenaries band together to fight Rekenber in the Mercenary Rebellion.
A.W. 782 – – Mercenary Rebellion quelled by Rekenber.
A.W. 995 – Fenris Fenrir begins her search for Baldr's reincarnation
A.W. 996 – – Children in Morocc begin to be brought to the castle
A.W. 997 – – Fenris finds Chaos; an attempt to resurrect Surt fails
A.W. ??? – Tristan Gaebolg III is crowned king of Rune-Midgarts
A.W. ??? – – Surt is freed and begins his assault of Midgard
A.W. ??? – Day of Despair (Beginning of Neu Era)
N.E. ??? – – Descendants of Arunafeltz revive Freyjanity
N.E. 300 – – Members of Freyjanity kidnap children to experiment with.


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