Chaos Dungeon

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Chaos Dungeon
RO2 ChaosDungeon.png
The hostile dungeon.
Location West of the Fallen Fortress
Race Demon
Level 50
Cooldown 1 week
Technical Name(s) not applicable

King Reinhart Gaebolg of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom has sent the Knights of Twilight and Knightage of Dawn to the Fallen Fortress to take it back. The Knights battled fiercely with the powerful monsters in the middle of the blood battlefield. During this time, some of them discovered a dimensional crack by following the small stream, but this one was different from any before.

When King Reinhart heard the report, he knew that the dimensional crack had something to do with what occurred at the Fallen Fortress. Elite Knights, chosen by the king himself, attempted to enter the suspicious dimensional crack. None of the Elite Knights that attempted were ever seen from again.

Finally, King Reinhart decided to recruited the heroes who have Ymir's Heart Piece. It is now up to you to discover its secrets by stepping through the crack and into another world, Vanaheim.[1]

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