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The Chat Box is an essential communication channel in online games, whether they be massively multiplayer online role-playing games or mobile games. A game's Chat Box can be set to a particular language depending on who is hosting the server. Chat Boxes typically have word filters to allow players to restrict the view of profane language. Both Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok Online II feature Chat Boxes for in-game communications as well as Ragnarok: Valkyrie Uprising and Ragnarok: Ash Vacuum.

Ragnarok Online[edit | edit source]

In RO, the Chat Box was rather basic in that it allowed players to communicate to others in the same vicinity, to their Party members, to their Guild members, and privately via Private Messages (PMs). It was not until the Renewal update in 2009 when the Chat Box was modified to mimic that of modern MMORPGs in that it finally allowed players to view system messages such as item collection and battle damage.

Because players could now customize their hotkeys in RO, the Chat Box had to be adapted to allow usage of hotkeys that were restricted in the past. Players must deactivate the dialogue box on the Chat Box by pressing Enter in order to use their customized hotkeys, much like how modern MMORPGs' Chat Box functions. This update effectively rendered Battle Mode—a Chat Box mode which makes the Chat Box behave similarly to the current Chat Box minus the ability to customize hotkeys—wholly obsolete.

With the new Chat Box, players can now create and delete tabs to track different information in a more organized manner. To create completely separate Chat Boxes, click on the lock icon on the corner of the Chat Box and click on the + symbol to create new Chat Boxes; clicking on the - symbol deletes the tab. Each tab/Chat Box can display certain information by clicking on the circle icon on top of it. Rename tabs by double-clicking on the tab name.

Press F10 or click on the corner of the Chat Box to adjust the height of the main Chat Box. There is currently no way to adjust the width of the main Chat Box, however, the additional Chat Boxes made by unlocking the Chat Box can have their width and height adjusted freely.

Unique to RO is the ability to save chat logs. To save a chat log, enter the following into the Chat Box:


Doing so will product a .txt file in the Chat folder of the Ragnarok Online folder. It is unknown how much information the chat log system collects, but it's been reported to save up to 200+ lines of chat.

Chat Box Commands[edit | edit source]

Many RO features can only be accessed through Chat Box commands. However, with a later update, the chat box commands are now able to be toggled via a Command List window. The default hotkey to access the Command List window is Alt + Y.

The following is a list of commands that can be utilized in the Chat Box.

Chat Channels
  • Messages prefixed with '%' will be sent only to your Party
  • Messages prefixed with '$' will be sent only to your Guild
  • Messages prefixed with '/cl' will be sent only to your Clan
System Messages
  • /h or /help — Lists the in-game commands
  • /hi <Message> — Sends the specified message to everyone on your friend list
  • /am — Allows you to specify a message that will automatically be sent to anyone who sends you a private message while you're unavailable. Enter the command again to mark yourself as available
  • /where — Shows your character's location as a map name and set of coordinates
  • /alchemist — Shows the top 10 brewing Alchemists in the server.
  • /blacksmith — Shows the top 10 forging/upgrading Blacksmiths in the server.
  • /taekwon — Shows the top 10 TaeKwon Kids based on completion of TaeKwon Missions in the server.
  • /pk — Shows the top 10 slayers in a PK Server.
  • /emotion — Lists some of the in-game emotions.
  • /battlechat — Activates the battlegrounds chat, with it enabled you can't use normal, party or guild chats.
  • /loginout or /li - Disables system messages of friend or guildmember connection or disconnecting.
  • /check <text> — Produces [ <text> ] in a green font. Use is unknown.
System Settings
  • /battlemode or /bm — Starts Battle mode where the keyboard is used to instantly access shortcut-bar content without using F1~F9. Also, shortcuts of pages in the background can be used.
  • /set1 — Alias for /skillfail, /showname, /noctrl, and /window
  • /set2 — Alias for /skillfail, /showname, /noctrl, /q1, /q2, and /window
  • /set3 — Alias for /skillfail, /showname, /noctrl, /window, /loginout, and /shopping.
  • /ex <Name> — Blocks public and private messages from the specified character
  • /showname — (On bRO) Returns to the original font and does not show the name of the character party
  • /ex — Displays a list all blocked characters
  • /in <Name> — Removes the specified character from your blocked list
  • /inall — Clears your blocked list
  • /exall — Blocks all private messages
  • /refuse — Automatically declines all party invites.
  • /accept — Disables auto-decline.
  • /notrade or /nt — Blocks all trade offers and friend requests.
  • /noctrl or /nc — Allows attacking monsters continuously with only one left-click.
  • /noshift or /ns — Allows targeting monsters or other players in PvP arenas with support skills without having to press the Shift key.
  • /shopping or /sh — Allows opening vendor windows with one left-click and closing shop windows with one right-click.
  • /window or /wi — Makes the RO window being moved snap to another window nearby.
Display Settings
  • /effect — Toggles the display of anything but basic graphical effects
  • /skip — Widens frame skip. This is recommended for players who lag excessively.
  • /aura — Minimizes the aura effect for max level characters.
  • /aura2 — Completely hides the aura effect for max level characters.
  • /quake — Disables the shaking effect from skills.
  • /miss — Toggles display of the ‘miss’ animation
  • /skillfail or /sf — Turns off "Skill has Failed" messages.
  • /loginout or /li — Turns off guild messages and login messages (ie. "<Character Name> has logged in/out" and "<Character Name> has dis/connected").
  • /fog — Turns fog on and off.
  • /mineffect or /minimize — Enables less graphically intense effects. This command does not work for Wizard's AoE skills.
  • /emblem — Toggles the display of guild emblems
  • /notalkmsg or /nm — Keeps public chat from being displayed in the chat window.
  • /notalkmsg2 or /nm2 — Keeps guild and public chat from being displayed in the chat window.
  • /font — Switches the position of character name, party name, guild name, guild title, and emblem to above or below character sprites.
  • /lightmap — Removes shade effects and a majority of lighting effects.
  • /camera — Turns camera "smoothing" off and on.
  • /stateinfo — Toggles the display of status icon descriptions
  • /monsterhp — Toggles the display of Health bars on monsters.
Audio Settings
  • /bgm — Toggles playing of background music
  • /sound — Toggles playing of sound effects
  • /bv <0–127> — Sets the background music volume to the specified level
  • /v <0–127> — Sets the sound effect volume to the specified level
  • /tingonly — Disables all sound effects except for the 'ding' sound effect that's played when a character enters a chat room
Function Commands
  • /quickspell1 or /q1 — Enables the skill on the F9 hotkey by right clicking.
  • /quickspell2 or /q2 — Cycles through all skills on the F7 and F8 hotkeys.
  • /quickspell3 or /q3 — Enables /q1 and /q2
  • /snap — Toggles the mouse cursor to semi-automatically move to the target.
  • /skillsnap — Toggles the mouse cursor to semi-automatically move to the target.
  • /itemsnap — Toggles the mouse cursor to semi-automatically move to loot items.
  • /tip — Opens the tip of the day window
  • /organize "<Party Name>" — Creates a party named <Party Name>.
  • /invite "<name>" — Invite a person to your party. Works across different maps.
  • /leave — Allows one to leave a party.
  • /guild "<Guild Name>" — Creates a guild named <Guild Name>. This requires an Emperium to be in the creator's inventory.
  • /breakguild "Guild Name" — Disbands a guild. Can only be used by the guild leader. All members must be expelled first.
  • /memo — Memorizes a location for use with the Warp Portal skill
  • /navi <map name> <xxx/yyy> — Sets a coordinate destination for the Navigation System.
  • /sit — Makes your character sit or stand
  • /stand — Makes your character sit or stand
  • /bangbang — Rotates your character clockwise
  • /bingbing — Rotates your character counterclockwise
  • /doridori — Moves your character's head from side to side
  • /<xxx>+ <Number> — <xxx> is the target stat (ie. STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, or LUK). Provided that stat points are available for allocation, this command will increase the target stat by the amount specified. For example: /str+ 5 will increase STR by 5 points. If stat points are insufficient, the client will increase the target stat as much as possible.
  • /hoai — Switches Homunculus AI between default and custom mode.
  • /traceai — Saves Homunculus' status as a text file.
  • /merai — Switches Mercenary AI between default and custom mode.
  • /eqopen — Makes your equipment viewable by anyone.
  • /booking — Opens party recruitment listing search window.
  • /recruit — Opens the party recruitment listing creation window.

Chat Room[edit | edit source]

The chat room button in RO.

An alternative to the Chat Box is the Chat Room feature. Each player can create a maximum of one Chat Room, which shows up as a special click-able speech bubble above their character's head. The default hotkeys to create a Chat room is:

Alt + C

You can also type in the following into the Chat Box to open up a Chat Room:


Chat Rooms can be set to public or private. Setting a Chat Room private will secure it with a password. The maximum amount of people that can be in one Chat Room is 20. Once you create your chat room, you can right-click the memberlist to bring up the Room Setup and Save Chat as Text File options.

If you enter someone's Chat Room, you can leave it by closing the chat room window or by typing /q into the Chat Box.

Ragnarok Online II[edit | edit source]

The Chat Box in RO2 is more reflective of modern MMORPGs in that it is already designed to allow players to not only communicate with other players but also view and toggle system messages. Unlike RO, RO2 players are limited to only 4 tabs so refined and distinctive chat tabs are not possible in the game.

Chat Box Commands[edit | edit source]

RO2 is not as reliant on commands to access features as RO, hence there are much fewer commands to use in the game.

Chat Channels
  • /1 — Public
  • /2 — Trade
  • /3 — Party Search
  • /p — Party Chat
  • /g — Guild Chat
  • /w <charname> — Whisper to <charname>

Patches[edit | edit source]

Ragnarok Online

  • Patch (2019 Dec. 04)
    • Fixed the issue where you can link items you do not own.
    • Fixed the phenomenon that the link was automatically clicked when the item link is in the chat window.
  • Patch (2019 Oct. 16)
    • Chat window lock function is improved.
  • Patch (2019 Jun. 19)
    • Fixed the problem that pop-up window grows when mouse over when '\n' is typed in booth and chat room.
  • Patch (2019 Mar. 06)
    • Added /vend view, /show show commands to turn vends on or off as a whole.
  • Patch (2018 May 02)
    • The maximum zoom feature is improved to allow smoother travel between maps.
  • Patch (2018 Apr. 25)
    • Game view extension (zoom out function) is improved.
      • You can now zoom out and see as far as +3 cells.
      • You can activate this feature via the game setting menu, /zoom command, or Alt + Y keys.
  • Patch (2018 Apr. 04)
    • Fixed an issue with the sound volume setting not being saved via the /bv command.
  • Patch (2018 Feb. 07)
    • Changed the Guild Announcements field to consolidate space.
  • Patch (2017 Sept. 27)
    • The on/off function of the /tingonly command is modified. Some settings are changed when you uncheck the sound effect part of the game setting.
    • Fixed the issue with the Shift key used with a shortcut key to specify a skill outside of the chat box.
    • If you paste text with Enter into the chat window, the size of the chat window will increase.
  • Patch (2017 Sept. 20)
  • Patch (2017 Sept. 06)
    • Tooltip is added to Chat input button.
  • Patch (2017 Aug. 01)
    • The /who command is now disabled.
  • Patch (2016 Jun. 01)
    • Modified /mineffect command. Its settings are saved once the player leaves the game.
  • Patch (2015 Nov. 18)
    • Fixed an error where /effect didn't immediately end some effects on screen.
  • Patch (2015 Oct. 07)
    • Players can send a link to an item via the chat box.
  • Patch (2015 Sept. 23)
    • When you enter a chat a line break will be applied automatically.
  • Patch (2015 Jul. 01)
    • The /quake command is added to turn on/off the screen shake effect.
  • Patch (2015 Mar. 11)
    • Chat, Inventory and Storage can now be scrolled using the Page Down and Page Up keys.
  • Patch (2014 Oct. 22)
    • New commands added:
      • Ctrl + F12 : Will shorten the chat window one line at a time.
      • /bm : Will toggle [Battle Mode] on/off.
  • Patch (2013 Jun. 05)
    • Clan chat filter added to Chat Box.
  • Patch (2012 Dec. 05)
    • Filtering function is added to all broadcasts.
  • Patch (2012 Sept. 12)
    • Fixed an issue where chat rooms could not be entered if you were level 151 or above.
  • Patch (2012 Aug. 08)
    • Changed the in-game chat filter: Instead of preventing the message from being shown entirely, chat filter will now show blocked words in * and show rest of the message normally.
  • Patch (2012 May 09)
    • Pressing F11 key to enter screenshot mode will no longer block user chat and other information messages.
  • Patch (2011 Jul. 13)
    • Corrected an issue where the chat window would close during the Gaebolg Family Curse quest.
  • Patch (2010 Jan. 20)
    • Fixed an issue where items that are dropped were not always logged in the chat window.
  • Patch (2009 Dec. 02)
    • Corrected an issue with the command /savechat and the new chat window setup.
  • Patch (2009 Nov. 25)
    • When you have chat windows open, when another tab displays a message it will not automatically switch focus.
  • Patch (2009 Jun. 24)
    • Added a button above the chat window to toggle between chat mode and battle mode.
  • Patch (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Changed it so pressing the Esc key after opening a chat room will no longer close the chat.
  • Patch (2009 May 14)
    • Corrected an issue where when entering a private chat if you used the enter key after typing the password it wouldn't work.
  • Patch (2007 Nov. 28)
    • On/off setting of WoE broadcasts is enabled in the battle message window options.
  • Patch (2007 Sept. 12)
    • The following party commands are now accessible:
      • /invite (character name) - invites a character to your party
      • /invitedecline - automatically declines all party invites.
      • /inviteaccept - disables auto-decline.
  • Patch (2007 Aug. 01)
    • Battle message system is implemented.
  • Patch (2005 Nov. 01)
    • The /shopping command is added. When shopping for a store, you can open it with a single click, or you can right-click on a store name to close it.
    • The /loginout command will no longer display guild announcements.
  • Patch (2005 Oct. 05)
    • The /loginout command has been added. (This can also be used as /li.) This command will not print a message about the connection status of a friend and a guildmember to the dialog box.
  • Patch (2004 Dec. 28)
    • When using battle mode, the color of dialogue input window now changes to blue.
  • Patch (2004 Nov. 16)
    • /notalkmsg2 (/nm2) has been added. NM2 does not display guild chat.
    • /notalkmsg (nm) restored to previous filters.
  • Patch (2004 Nov. 09)
    • /notalkmsg is modified to not display guild messages.
  • Patch (2004 Mar. 23)
    • Implementation of /notrade command. (Also available as /nt.) This command will automatically reject transaction requests.
  • Patch (2004 Mar. 09)
    • The /battlemode command has been improved. If you press Q ~ O key, hotkey bar 2 is used. If you press A ~ L key, hotkey bar 3 is used. If you press Z ~> key, hotkey bar 1 is used. In Battle Mode, pressing the keyboard will not allow you to enter letters. To chat, you need to press Space once, then type the text and press Enter.
  • Patch (2004 Mar. 03)
    • The /battlemode command has been added. (It can also be used with /bm.) The F1 ~ F9 skill shortcuts for those who don't have enough skill slots can instead use the Q ~ O key in battle mode; Shortened window 3 skills are used.
    • The /noctrl command is now available as /nc.
    • The /noshift command is also available as /ns.
    • The /notalkmsg command is now available as /nm.
    • The /skillfail command is also available as /sf.
  • Patch (2004 Jan. 27)
    • Fixed the issue that occurs when you set the /quickspell2 (/q2); if you roll the mouse wheel down, a Level 10 skill will be used as if it's Level 9.
  • Patch (2004 Jan. 19)
    • The /quickspell short command has been changed from /qw to /q1. The /quickspell2 command has been added. (You can also use /q2.) If you use the /quickspell2 command, you can use the F8 skill by rolling the mouse wheel (WHEEL) up, and you can use the F7 skill by rolling the mouse wheel (WHEEL) down. You can also use /q1 and /q2 with the /q3 command at the same time.
  • Patch (2003 Oct. 07)
    • The /noctrl command has been added. (Automatic attack is possible without pressing the control key.)
    • The /showname command has been added. (You can change the character name display mode.)

Ragnarok Online II