Clock Tower

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Clock Tower
Level 75 - 130
RO ClockTower.jpg
The clock tower's entrance.
Race Norman
Affiliation Aldebaran
Location Middle of Aldebaran
Technical Name(s) c_tower1, c_tower2, c_tower3, c_tower4, alde_dun01, alde_dun02, alde_dun03, alde_dun04

The Aldebaran Clock Tower is a large structure that was built in the middle of the city. It houses all the mechanisms of a clock but on a much more enormous scale. The Clock Tower Manager was created to manage the tower and keep the monsters within in check.

Story[edit | edit source]

Aldebaran, the city of genteel calm, is renown for the mysterious Clock Tower that stands in its center. The city's craftsmen produced countless handmade clocks early in Aldebaran's development, and disposed broken, faulty clocks in the city's ancient tower. Somehow, the magical energies of the tower transformed these clocks into living, malicious monsters. These monstrous clocks eventually expelled all normans from the tower, turning the Clock Tower into a fearsome dungeon where Clock monsters freely roam and replicate. Many curious and well-meaning adventurers have explored the Clock Tower to exterminate the wicked clocks, but only a few of them have safely returned. Even today, no one has managed to unravel the mysteries of the Aldebaran Clock Tower.[1]

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