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Coma reduces afflicted target's HP to 1 and SP to 0. When used against monsters, amount of EXP that equals the damage you dealt during this period is not given when monster dies.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The following abilities inflict Coma:

Cure[edit | edit source]

Coma can be cured through the following methods:

  • Heal, Healing Items
  • One of Battle Chant's random effects grants 60 seconds of immunity to all status effects to party members, including Coma.[1]

Prevention[edit | edit source]

The following lists ways that Coma can be prevented:

  • You can dodge Coma inducing physical attacks if you have high FLEE.
  • Having higher LUK will decrease the chance of Coma when attacked.
  • Inversely, having higher LUK will increase the chances for Coma infliction when attacking.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Untested. It's hard to classify Coma as a status effect, and it's unknown if it is covered by Battle Chant's immunity effect.