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Confusion, also known as Chaos, causes the character to move into unintended directions when trying to navigate.


The following abilities inflict Confusion:


Confusion can be cured through the following methods:


The following lists ways that Confusion can be prevented:

  • Giearth Card and Beer Hat (+7 or higher) grant immunity.
  • Wootan Shooter Card increases resistance by 20%.


  • Patch (2018 Jul. 04)
    • Corrected Confusion status that prevails in place of confusion that has already been removed.
  • Patch (2014 Feb. 05)
    • The items "Cure Free" and "Throw Cure Free" are added to the abnormal recovery list of [Darkness] and [Confusion].
  • Patch (2005 Jan. 25)
    • Fixed the issue where when you get confused, you cannot get rid of it when reconnecting or moving to a village.