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For the RO instance, see Air Fortress.
Dark Whisper
Level 160 (RO)
Master 20 (RO2)
The fortress takes flight.
Location The skies above Midgard

The Dark Whisper is the flying fortress of Valkyrie Himmelmez, the Necromancer. The fortress is able to float due to Himmelmez's power and thus requires great effort from her in order to fly long distances. As such, the fortress is usually grounded at times to allow Himmelmez to regain her power.

The spikes hanging down the fortress are transport structures, allowing Himmelmez to dispatch her undead army from the fortress to the ground. They can extend their lengths to reach the ground and retract when the fortress is airborne.


It is known that the Curse of Osiris gave rise to the Fortress of Despair. Though the Day of Despair came to an end, and Dark Whisper joined the defeated Freyja in Vanaheim, dimensional cracks appeared throughout Ashkaron and woke the dark power.

With the fall of Ashkaron, Himmelmez captured the remnants of the empire easily. This victory came with a heavy cost, as the dimensional cracks weakened and Dark Whisper's power ebbed. In order to hold what she had, Himmelmez went into hibernation, collecting power for the day she might have the strength to awaken once more.

Several years have passed since these events transpired, and with the summoning of the dimensional cracks throughout Rune-Midgarts by Freyja, Vanaheim's power has returned. While there was not enough power to summon the Valkyries, the use of Saintess Aione's power to seal these dimensional cracks revealed to the awakened Himmelmez that Randgris's power lays inside the Saintess.

Valkyrie Himmelmez stirs, her dark power felt throughout the land, and she is swiftly regaining more power as she absorbs the strength of Valkyrie Randgris from Saintess Aione.[1]



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