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Dimensional Gap
Level 90 - 140 (RO)
25 - 30 (RO2)
RO DimensionalGapMap.jpg
Mapping of the dimensional gaps.
Location Sograt Desert, Midgard Allied Forces Post, Bifrost, El Dicastes, Payon Forest
Technical Name(s) dali, dali02

The Dimensional Gap, or Dimensional Crack, is an opening into the vacuum of time and space that separates dimensions. Such openings can only be created by beings of great power.

Traveling through the Dimensional Gaps has been found to distort time as some have reported 2 weeks elapsing in Jotunheim while 3 hours lapsed in Midgard.[1]

Ragnarok Online

Since Midgard and Muspelheim are separate realms, it's implied that Surt had used a Dimensional Gap when he invaded Midgard during the Thousand-Year War. After being chased out of Midgard, Surt may have utilized a Dimensional Gap again in order to invade the realm only to be stopped and imprisoned by Thanatos. Once freed from his prison, Surt used the Dimensional Gap again to escape Midgard, except this time the gap remained open so Midgardian adventurers were able to pursue him.

Ending up in Jotunheim, Normans proceeded to establish a base camp and stabilize the Dimensional Gap that they came out of. With further research, they started using the Dimensional Gap as not only a portal between Midgard and Jotunheim, but also as a means to travel back in time through Midgard's history.

Ragnarok Online II

The Prontera knights and the magicians of Geffen's Magic Academy have been investigating the gap for a long time, but there does not seem to be any clear reason as to why the dimensional gap has occurred.[2] After a gap opened in Payon Forest, another opened in the nearby Maple Forest.

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