Dr. Jacob's Report

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Dr. Jacob's Report
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Type Readable Book
Effects none
Weight not applicable
Source Dr. Jacob's Research Quest
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell --

Research document made by Jacob. Jacob says his head hurts when looking at this document, perhaps because of something he doesn't want to remember.

In-Game Text[edit | edit source]

[N.E.81 - X - XX]

Codename "Chimera": Research to easily insert magic power of Ymir's Heart by combining norman and animal DNA. Project failed. I wonder why... My colleague thinks it's because the power of Ymir's heart inserted into the subject was too powerful.

However, I have a different opinion. If magical power from Ymir's Heart is forcefully inserted into a living thing that magical power might be refracted against the will of the subject. The subject, Maya, had stronger will to live than other subjects. That will and the inserted magic power caused resonance to fail the Chimera project.

Maya escaped from the lab. I don't think she could have ran far away with a body fused with a bug.

[N.E. 81 - X - XX]

We started working on a new plan, codename "Ymir Child" which resolved the problems from Chimera research. This research will definitely succeed. It is an innovative research that uses the innate rune power flow inside normans and it fixes problems found from the Chimera research.

But, I don't think I could go back to my family when this research is done. I'm not that naïve. I secretly met my son Rotner during an outdoor test. I handed him all the research documents of my work with the codename "Ymir Child". I hope my son doesn't lie about my death even if I die here...My lovely son...I really miss you...

[N.E 82 - X - XX]

They kidnapped a lot of children this time. They must be planning to execute Ymir Child using those kids. Poor kids... Some of them are younger than my son... the only thing that I can do for them is to succeed in this experiment. The Ymir Child plan which allows us to insert the power of Ymir's heart into the kids without damaging their body or mind. I need to succeed, for myself, my son, and for those children...

[N.E. 82 - X - XX]

It has been almost a month after I escaped from the lab. Prontera Knights raided the lab to suppress the Freyjanity. I took advantage of the incident and escaped with Wid and Silver. They are wolves who were going to be killed after the experiment and have the power placed into their bodies. If the Freyjans found out about them, They might use these wolves to achieve their ambition.

It's not safe for them to stay with me. I need to let them go...It's only way for them to survive...

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