Dragon Water Breath

Dragon Water Breath
RO DragonWaterBreath.png
Usable by
Job Class Rune Knight
Type Offensive
Category Ranged
Levels 10
Cast Time 0.5 Seconds (fixed) +
Lv. 1 - 3: none
Lv. 4 - 6: 1 Second
Lv. 7 - 8: 1.5 Seconds
Lv. 9 - 10: 2 Seconds
Cooldown none
Other Information
Requirements Dragon Training Lv. 2

Dragon Water Breath deals ice-elemental damage with your dragon's breath, which may cause Freezing status to the enemy. The damage depends on the stats of the rider. (One assumes its the same as normal dragon breath, HP/SP).

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  • Patch (2019 Oct. 30)
    • Fixed an issue where Rune Knight's Freeze chance of Dragon Water Breath was applied abnormally.
  • Patch (2019 Oct. 16)
    • Asir Rune Stone: The attacking property is changed to Earth property while in Fighting Spirit.
    • Lux Anima Runestone: When Lux Anima is upgraded, the attack properties are changed to non-property.
    • If the two effects coexist, the Lux Anima effect takes precedence.
  • Patch (2019 Jul. 31)
    • Simplified effect added.
  • Patch (2019 May 22)
    • Some skill effects for the 3rd Job Classes will change.
      • Rune Knight: Dragon Breath, Dragon Breath - Water
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