The Dream Network Technology Co., Ltd.
DreamSquare logo
Type Private company
Industry Video Game Development
Founded 2009 September[1]
Headquarters Shanghai, China
Key People  ??
Products MMORPG and Mobile video games
Number of Employees 500[2]
Parent none
Subsidiaries none
Website Dream Square Website

Dream Square, or The Dream Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 骏梦游戏), is based in China and provides web games, social games, mobile internet games, and various cross platform gaming services. It exports its gaming products to Northern America, Europe, Russian Federation, Japan, and Taiwan markets.[3]


DreamSquare logo2

English version of Dream Square's logo.

In 2013 May, Dream Square entered a license agreement with GRAVITY to develop a browser game based on Ragnarok Online.[4] They later announced development on Ragnarok Online: Prequel in July of 2013.[5] It underwent a beta test that summer, requiring Chinese IDs for registration on the developer's publishing platform Haohaowan.[6] An announcement was made for an English release, but the game would be launched as Ragnarok Zero for the English market.[7]

On 2015 January 15, GRAVITY granted Dream Square a nonexclusive right to develop and distribute mobile games in China by using contents of its principal product, Ragnarok Online. GRAVITY also signed a license agreement with Dream Square, which entitles Dream Square to operate and distribute Ragnarok Online II in China.[8] Shortly after, Dream Square began development on Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Guardians of Love.


Haohaowan logo

The Haohaowan logo.

Haohaowan is Dream Square's account platform, which allows players to manage and pay for different game accounts under one umbrella account.

In 2015, Dream Square partnered up with Heartbeat Network to bring Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Guardians of Love to the China region.[9] Dream Square continues to use their Haohaowan platform to service their PC games.



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