Dreams and Shadows

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Dreams and Shadows
The musical nightmare.
Location Paradise Group
Race Demon
Level 120
Cooldown 23 hours
Technical Name(s) 1@jtb

Dreams and Shadows is a dungeon instance that is accessible from the Paradise Group HQ.

Maps[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]


  • ???


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Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Time Limit: 1 hour

External Links[edit | edit source]

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2017 Sept. 06)
    • "Dreams and Shadows" Dungeon's NPC is changed to exchange items with Pim Fernel.
  • Patch (2017 Aug. 30)
    • New memorial dungeon [Dreams and Shadows] will be added. The corresponding dungeon is a new dungeon to replace the [Jitterbug Nightmare]. After the patch, [Jitterbug Nightmare] will no longer be available to access.
    • New memorial dungeon [Dreams and Shadows] will change the name and description of some [Jitterbug Nightmare] item drops.