Earth Spike
RO EarthSpike
Usable by
Job Class Wizard, High Wizard, Sage, Professor, Super Novice
Type Offensive
Category Magic Spell
Levels 5 (Selectable)
Cast Time (0.7*Skill Level) seconds
Cooldown 0.8 seconds
Other Information
Requirements Stone Curse Lv. 1 (Wizard & Super Novice)
Stone Curse Lv. 1, Endow Quake Lv. 1 (Sage)

Earth Spike hits the targeted enemy with 1 Earth Element Spike per SkillLV for 100%*MATK damage each. Although it is similar to the other Magician skills, it is not a bolt skill.


  • Earth Spike is the only single-target spell (cast by players) capable of hitting enemies in the Hidden status. It must be cast while the enemy is visible.
  • Since Earth Spike is not a bolt skill (despite the homunculus's Caprice skill triggering Earth Spike as if it was a bolt), it is completely unaffected by Double Bolt.
  • In addition to level 1 Stone Curse, Sages also have a prerequisite of level 1 Endow Quake. Wizards only require level 1 Stone Curse.

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