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El Dicastes
Level none
RO ElDicastes.jpg
City of the Saphas.
Type City
Race Sapha
Government Ministry
Rulers Prime Minister Ravail
Faiths Hvergelmir
Location Jotunheim

El Dicastes is the bustling capital city of the Saphas. It is headed by Ravail, highest elder of El Dicastes. A pub called the Burman Flone provides a place of comfort to Midgardian adventurers.


El Dicastes is nestled within a small valley. As such, it is walled up on all sides by steep mountains.

The city itself is divided into 4 sections: the refinery section, which includes the factory; the residential section for upper and lower class citizens; the barracks section for Galtun training; and the Piom dormitories.

Points of Interest


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El Dicastes was formerly a Bradium-mining town like Manuk but eventually developed into the sprawling city it is today.

Notable Characters