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Elemento Academy
Level 1 - 5
RO2 ElementoAcademy.jpg
The dormitory of the academy.
Type School
Race Norman
Government School
Rulers Dean Wilfred
Faiths Odin Orthodoxy
Location Rune-Midgarts

The Elemento Academy is home to the children who were rescued from Freyjanity cultists 10 years earlier. It is the starting area of Norman adventurers in Ragnarok Online II.


Elemento Academy is located in the western region of Mt. Mjolnir near Bouquet Village. It is an outdoor school that was founded by Dean Wilfred and consists of several structures which aid in the training of its students:

  • Elemento Academy Main Building - The administration center of the academy.
  • Elemento Academy Dormitory - The building where students live and study.
  • Monsterology Department - This is where academy students go to learn about different monsters. Nearby is the Poring Pound where students get hands-on lessons about monsters.
  • History Department - This is where students go to learn about the history of Midgard.
  • Tactics Department - The Tactics Department is where students go to learn the finer details of combat.
  • Academy Warehouse - The Academy Warehouse is where the school receives and distributes all of its supplies, from weapons to armor to potions. It is privately owned, so faculty members must pay for what they need.

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