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Level none
RO Eljudnir.jpg
The front entrance of Eljudnir.
Affiliation Niflheim
Location Somewhere in Niflheim
Technical Name(s) que_sign01

Eljudnir is the home of Lady Hel, monarch of the realm of Niflheim. It is a rather sizable castle with long hallways and a throne room where Lady Hel herself holds audience with visitors.The front courtyard of the castle has a fountain which produces Cursed Water.

Because the castle is located deep within Niflheim, living beings cannot get there by usual travel. As such Lady Hel's servant Ganglati, or Gen, is available to teleport those who wish to have an audience with the queen of the underworld.


  • In Norse mythology, Éljúðnir (sometimes Anglicized to Eljudnir) is Hel's hall located in Niflheim as described in chapter 34 of Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda in the book Gylfaginning. The name Éljúðnir is Old Norse and means "sprayed with snowstorms" or "damp with sleet or rain".