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Eremes Guile
Eremes in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Assassin Cross
Race Norman
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)
Episode 1 (Ragnarok Online II)
Think with your brain, not your muscles.
~ Eremes

Eremes Guile is an Assassin Cross who became a victim of Regenschirm Laboratory's experiments.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Eremes went to visit Keyron, who was busy packing to become part of the clandestine operation to find the missing king of Rune-Midgarts. He questions if she was sure she wanted to take on the mission as he was aware that her brother was leading the group. When she responds aggressively, Eremes realizes that there was nothing he could do to convince her otherwise.

The operation's investigations led them to the city of Lighthalzen, where they split up in order to cover more area. Eremes, Seyren, and Keyron later meet up in the Lighthalzen hotel's tavern where they await the rest of their search party. Eremes is suspicious of the whole situation as they were supposed to all meet the president of Schwarzwald in the country's capital of Juno, but were notified to meet in Lighthalzen instead. They are eventually approached by a Schwarzwald guard seeking to take them to the country's president. After verifying the guard's identity, the three of them follow the guard to an underground location.

While waiting for the rest of their comrades, Eremes and the others are drugged with sleeping gas. However, Eremes managed to keep himself awake by cutting himself on a hidden knife, allowing him to fight back as the Schwarzwald guards came to take them away. Eremes yells at Seyren, causing the lord knight to stir, but he was unable to reach him before the guards took him away. Eremes was able to rescue Keyron and sought out a room to recover from the drug. In the meantime, the assassin cross interrogates a scientist they came across in the room and poisoned. The scientist tries to call for help, but Eremes kills him before he could do anything. Keyron is annoyed as they weren't able to get much information from the scientist. Eremes tells her once again to rest and Keyron protests that she needed to save her brother and their comrades. Eremes points out that she's of no use in her current state and Keyron relents and allows herself to rest up.

After some time, Keyron asks Eremes about his hand, which he had cut up with a hidden dagger in order to resist the sleeping gas. He assures her that it's fine. She inquires about the dagger and Eremes simply notes that it is a simple trinket from a tiresome old man. Now that she was well-rested, Keyron wonders what their next move is and Eremes refutes her demand to rescue their comrades as his goal was to get Keyron to safety to find help while he did the rescuing. Keyron becomes infuriated that Eremes is also treating her like a child like her brother has been doing. They soon realize that they would have to fight their way out and Eremes relents in allowing Keyron to fight alongside with him. However, during the fight, the two of them become separated and Keyron is captured yet again. Eremes chastises himself for his mistake and quickly fights through the guards to get to Keyron.

He manages to track her down to a laboratory where he discovers that the Schwarzwald guards were actually Rekenber guards in disguise. Seeing that Keyron was being operated on, Eremes rushes to save her only to be blocked by Ygnizem Cenia. The swordswoman easily slams Eremes to the side, knocking him out. He is then implanted with a Rune Stone (imitation of Ymir's Heart Piece) and becomes overwhelmed with a feeling helplessness and rage. The next thing he knew, Seyren was headbutting him back to his senses. After being reunited with Seyren, the lord knight tells him what he learned and Eremes is shocked that someone is able to perform such unethical experiments on people without anyone knowing. Eremes suddenly remembers Keyron and the two of them rush off to find her. Eremes starts coughing up black blood, which worries him greatly.

Eremes and Seyren find Keyron, but she dies in Seyren's arms. Seyren desires to kill everyone involved in Keyron's death, but Eremes talks him out of it, saying that their priority is to let the world know what's going on in order to shut down the entire laboratory operation. He picks up Keyron and assures Seyren that he will take care of her while Seyren goes on ahead to find the rest of their comrades. Seyren thanks him and leaves. Eremes starts coughing up more blood, glad that Seyren wouldn't be around to see him die to the core within. He starts to wonder if that swordswoman that knocked him out was also a vicious mind. He is then discovered by Margaretha, who leads him to the morgue where her and Seyren's original bodies lay. Eremes puts Keyron's body down to rest and he succumbs more to the effects of the Rune Stone. As Eremes collapses to the ground dying, he regrets never returning his dagger to the old man.[1]

Sometime around the Day of Despair, Eremes was revived and fell into a deep slumber to awaken about 300 years later in the Age of Man. Remembering his lost comrades in the past, Eremes sought to find out what happened to them. He joins the Dark Shadow and puts his trust into Julianna Lucille who eventually betrayed him.[2]