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Faceworm Nest
Somewhere in Payon Forest.
Location Dimensional Gap
Race Norman
Level 140
Cooldown 23 hours
Technical Name(s) 1@face

Faceworm Nest is a dungeon instance that takes players into the world of the Ragnarok manhwa. It is accessible through the dimensional gap at the United Midgard Alliance camp in the Ash Vacuum.






Time Limit: 1 hour

The Faceworm Nest instance is located at the right of the two large areas in the bottom left pathway in the Dimensional Space, or at dali 83, 64. The instance needs to be done in 1 hour. It can be done solo or in a party and the difficulty may scale with the number of members in the party, about 21 + (11*party members) faceworm amount per section.

There are three NPCs related to the instance; the Magic Scholar, the Old sign, and the Interdimensional Device. The Magic Scholar will create the instance when the party’s leader speaks to him. The Old sign shows players the party that completed the Faceworm Nest fastest completed time along with the name of the party leader and how many people were in the party. If a new record has been made, it will be broadcasted to everyone in the server. The Interdimensional Device allows the party into the instance when spoken to. FacewormInstance map.png

Inside the Faceworm Nest are Faceworms to kill. There are four main types of Faceworms to kill, three of which are required to be killed in order to move on.

The Faceworm Nest instance is divided into five parts. When the boss of each part is killed, a treasure chest appears that can be clicked on that drops a Giant Face Worm Snake Skin, a garment that may or may not be slotted. This garment will come pre-enchanted, possibly pre-refined, and possibly slotted, and depending on how fast each part is completed will determine what the Giant Faceworm Snake Skin will have. The garment can have up to three enchants, ranging from 1~5 on each stat twice while the garment the Faceworm Queen can drop can have a stat up to 7, and a possible Special Stat enchant, which are similar to the Special Stat enchants obtainable on Fallen Angel Wings.

Part 1

Once inside the instance, players will appear in a location in Payon. Heading down, Chaos and Iris can be found. Have the party leader click on them to initiate a brief conversation with the duo, and then Faceworms will spawn all around the map. Scattered around the map are Savages, Greatest Generals, and Beetle Kings, which do not need to be killed. The Faceworms take some time to kill, having over 400,000 HP per Faceworm, but are generally slow, but do hit for a lot. Once all Faceworms are killed, the Dark Faceworm will spawn in the bottom right of the map. This Faceworm has 5 million HP. Eggs will spawn near it that will have a cast bar. Once the cast bar finishes, the eggs will heal the Faceworm. Once killed, the treasure chest will appear, and the portal will open up in the bottom right area near the large rock pile where the Dark Faceworm had spawned. Proceed through the portal to enter part 2 of the instance.

Part 2

Talk to Iris and Chaos once again.After they finish talking, Faceworms will spawn again and they will need to be killed once more. Scattered around the map are mounds of dirt. Walking near them will trigger numerous Faceworm Larva. Though they do not need to be killed to continue the instance, it is advised to get rid of them quickly as they will get in the way. Once all the Faceworms are killed, the Dark Faceworm will spawn in the north of the map. Like before, this Faceworm has 5 million HP. Also like before, there will be eggs that spawn that can heal it when their cast finishes. Once killed, the second treasure chest will appear and the portal to part 3 will appear. The portal is at the very south of the map, to the right of the portal that was used to enter part 2.

Part 3

Iris and Chaos are nowhere to be found. However, a high number of poison sacks will now spawn whenever players reach certain areas and they will respawn whenever players walk near. These poison sacks have a very slow timer and when they reach zero, they will explode, dealing moderate damage. Although the damage can be avoided with either Kyrie Eleison or Hide, standing near too many poison sacks can prove fatal if unavoided. However, the poison sacks can be killed fairly easily. There are more Faceworms in this area to be killed. Follow the path north to find them, while also being careful of the poison sacks. The Dark Faceworm will spawn in the north area with 5 million HP as before. This time, instead of eggs, poison sacks will appear to help hinder players and heal the Dark Faceworm. Once killed, the third treasure chest will appear and the portal to part 4 will appear in the bottom right of the fourth area. Do note poison sacks will continue spawning if players approach the area so proceed to the next area with caution.

Part 4

Still no sign of Chaos and Iris. Instead, large clouds of bubbly poison fills numerous areas of this part. Approaching the center of any of the poisons will deal continuous damage at a high rate, killing players rapidly. This damage can be avoided with Kyrie Eleison and Hide like the poison sacks in part 3, but it is better advised to avoid walking too close to the centers. Kill all the Faceworms in this area, while being careful of the poison. The Dark Faceworm spawns in the west area this time. While also having eggs again to heal it, there will also be clouds of poison that spawn near it when fighting this Faceworm. Avoid the poison if possible while killing the beast. When this Faceworm dies, the fourth treasure chest will appear, along with the portal to the final area on the right. Beware of the poison as it will not go away.

Part 5

Iris and Chaos are here now, and once the party leader talks to them, the Faceworm Queen will soon spawn. The Faceworm Queen has an extroardinarily high amount of HP, 28m + (2m*party members number) to be exact. The Faceworm Queen proves to be a formidable foe with her high amount of HP and devastating attacks. She can cast a powerful Waterball, Stormgust, and even Earthquake. The Faceworm Queen can change her element to Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind, and will be shown in an announcement when she does so.

While fighting the Faceworm Queen, Chaos will tell players to move the Queen a certain direction. Doing so will allow Chaos to deal a high amount of damage to her, helping to kill her faster. Beware of moving her too far out from the middle, however, or she will become enraged. She will use everything from the previous rooms, namely the egg healing, the poison sacks, and the poison clouds. After killing the Faceworm Queen, the final treasure chest will appear, which contains two Giant Faceworm Snake Skins. A Transport Device will also spawn to allow players to head back to the Dimensional Space.

Timeless Items

While in the instance, players will pick up certain items that can be turned in for random food items. The turn-in NPCs are all located around Payon.[1]

  • An Old Woman - Turn in 1 Old Ring for a random food item.
  • Exotic Merchant - Turn in 1 Old Photo Album for a random food item.
  • Strong Looking Man - Turn in 1 Old Pill for a random food item.
  • A Dreary Man - Turn in 1 Rusty Bracelet for a random food item.


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  • Patch (2018 Aug. 29)
    • The Faceworm Nest Memorial dungeon specifications will change.
      • Existing: Determine the maximum (random) level of difficulty and compensation level according to the number of people. Clear record remains in personal name.
      • Change: Choose from 2 difficulty levels (Easy/Difficult). Determine maximum (random) compensation level according to difficulty level. Clear record remains in party name.
  • Patch (2017 Sept. 20)
    • Some of the contents of Memorial Dungeon [Faceworm Nest] are modified.
      • The egg is placed in the middle of the nest where the Faceworm Queen appears.
      • The Dark Faceworm is changed to spawn again. (Faceworm Queen does not lay eggs)
  • Patch (2017 Sept. 13)
    • Fixed some errors in Memorial Dungeon [Faceworm Nest].
      • The Faceworm Queen does not use the skill during the progression of Faceworm Nest.
      • The skillset is changed so that the Faceworm Queen can immediately summon Faceworm larvae instead of eggs.
  • Patch (2013 Oct. 23)
    • Faceworm Nest - After killing the final boss of the Memorial Dungeon, the treasure chest will be changed to click on the party.
  • Heroes' Trail Part 1 Update (2012 Aug. 22)
    • Added Faceworm Nest and Sarah's Memories instances.