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Fay Kanavion
Gender Female
Job Class Alchemist
Race Norman
Main Weapon Prometheus Staff
First Appearance Volume 8 (Ragnarok)
Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
Do you hear them, magician? Do you hear them cheering me? Best you leave now, before it's too late!
~ Fay taunting Fenris

Fay Kanavion is an Alchemist who participates in Geffen's triennial Tournament of Magic. Her likeness was used to design the Alchemist for Ragnarok Online.


Fay is Fenris's first opponent in the Tournament of Magic. About 3 years ago, Fay competed in the Tournament of Magic at the age of 17 and reached the top round. As such, she is very arrogant and confident that she will win the tournament this time around with her golem homunculus, Skrymir. When Fenris destroys Skrymir with ease, Fay tries to resurrect her homunculus by using her Prometheus Staff, which has the ability to form life. Fenris easily destroys Skrymir the second time around and beats Fay.[1]