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Forums: Ragnarök Wiki Forums > The Rune-Midgarts Times > Brazil RO to Transfer from Level Up to Gravity Interactive

ZeroTigress [Lorekeeper] 01:29, 2 October 2018 (UTC)
Recently, the bRO team at Level Up! Games announced that they will be transferring their services to Gravity Interactive's new WarpPortal Brazil network.

"Hello, people of Rune-Midgard. Today we have something very important to tell you all.

As of October 23, Ragnarok Online will be operated directly by WarpPortal, the Gravity representative in the United States. The reason is that Gravity is looking more closely at Ragnarök in Brazil, and wants to strengthen ties with the development team in order to bring more exclusive content, bug fixes and new episodes.

As a result, all accounts created so far - and so far managed by us, Level Up - must be migrated and associated with a new Warp Portal Brazil account. After the migration process, the currently used login will no longer be linked to the My Account Level Up section. It can be used to access the game after being migrated, however.

But there's no reason to worry - everything you have in Ragnarök, including characters, items and ROPs, will be migrated along with their respective accounts.

In addition, we want to inform you that we will not stop working with Ragnarök at all. Our teams will still be part of the whole process here in Brazil, including the staff you are used to seeing interacting with the players on our channels. This process only changes the company responsible for managing the game in a broader way.

Therefore, everything will normally continue until 23/10. On that date, maintenance will be performed with an estimation of 12 to 18 hours. In addition, a special page for migrating accounts will be released the same day.

Then, once the maintenance is finished and the servers are opened, only those who migrate to a Warp Portal Brazil account can access the game . "

Source: bRO Website

The bRO staff wants to emphasize that WarpPortal and WarpPortal Brazil are completely different account systems. Therefore, bRO players should be making WarpPortal Brazil accounts to access their data again, NOT WarpPortal (iRO) accounts.

Resident Lorekeeper of Ragnarök